I’m Still Here

I’ve not been able to post for awhile due to not having all my stars align. This meaning I’ve not had the time, energy, nor opportunity come together all in the same moment.

So here I am and I have a lot to say. In the next few days I will have funny and informative posts for your eyes to devour with haste.
In the mean time, a bit of randomness: Here, where I live, Ohio via California, that is, they perform tests the first Wednesday of the month on the sirens that alert us to impending danger, ie tornadoes, usually.

I’ve read a good deal of articles by various people regarding the election that was last night. More recently, I have read the possibility for turmoil should one or the other of the candidates win.

Inevitably the horn starts up with the sound projected out opposite my direction so it takes a few seconds to realize what the noise is, what day and time it is, before you comprehend it’s just the warming system’s monthly run.

Put all of those things together and there you have the makings of a 15 second panic attack. How the imagination runs wild, eh?


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